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  FBIV Infocomm Private Limited was found in April of 2019. As software developing company, we understand your business, your targeted user group, negatives and positive and then develop your project which should flawlessly serve what you always wanted to. Whatever be the nature of your profession and however small or big you might be in size, operations and activities, We have the right expertise, tools and vision to design your projects. Our development team assures that the whole thing from planning, designing, development, and deployment goes smooth and stay that way. We have it all under one roof for you. Being a start-up, we are keen to flourish our projects in best possible way. We are stepping in already established epoch. So, we are aware of our unbounded diligence and thus we are here embarking our new- fangled website. “Developing countries are more painstaking than the developed ones In the same way we will try our best to reach your expectation.